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Employee Benefits

Exceptional Employees Are the Core of our Business

When your franchise location partners with Phase Three Brands, you’re given peace of mind in knowing that your employees are in good hands. They aren’t just becoming part of a corporation–they’re being welcomed into a community that cares. 

Our employees are offered advancement opportunities and hands-on training, allowing them to attain new levels of personal and professional achievement. We are invested in recognizing our employees for the immeasurable value they have to offer, and helping them to be the best they can be.

1000 +
Happy Hardee’s &
Wingstop Employees

Why We Work

A Strong Choice For Everyone

A partnership with us is a good fit for everyone. From your employees, to your franchise location, to your community at large, we are here to support everyone in their journey to reach their maximum potential. We are excited for you to experience firsthand the impact of a partnership with Phase Three Brands.

Strengthen Your Employees

Employees working for Phase Three Brands deserve nothing but the best. We are proud to offer each employee top-of-the-line benefits to match the first-class service they deliver every day.

Strengthen Your Franchise

Phase Three Brands knows what it takes to bring your franchise investment to the next level. Our proven business development strategy delivers improvements in both revenue and customer satisfaction, offering a consistent first-class experience to Hardee’s and Wingstop locations nationwide.

Strengthen Your Community

We believe that our success is not only measured in numbers, but also in our community impact. We are proud to showcase our success through our ability to give back to organizations who share our vision of creating a better tomorrow for those who need it most.

Facts and Figures

Proven Results We Are
Proud to Report

1000 +
Employees Nationwide
1 +
Franchised Hardee’s & Wingstop Locations

5.1 million biscuits   |    5.3 million tenders   |   2.4 million burgers

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